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History and Know How

Kröker Design and Innovation Consulting is a design company based in connect professionals through a large network, creating products and innovation. Through a unique method, uses the design-based approach to help organizations to grow with a positive impact on business and people in order to identify innovation and new ways to serve and support consumers by uncovering latent needs, behaviours and desires.

Daniel Kröker is the design team leader and work as consultant for more than 15 years in different areas of design. He got his master's degree from Domus Academy (Milan, Italy) with focus at research to create strong and contemporary concepts until to find the creative innovation. Consulting in Brazil and abroad, has worked for companies as Electrolux, Nike, Sega, Kraft Foods and Midea Appliances. Has collaborated with international design studios as Philippe Starck, Andrea Branzi and DA Research Centre. Currently is responsible for the design of global brands.

During this years won several awards, highlighting the internationals Red Dot, Plus X, as most innovative team in 2012 and product of the year in 2013. In Brazil won the MCB (most important design award in Latin America), Objeto Brasil (7 finalists and 4 awards in 2016) and Salão Design (3 indications in 2015). Has participated in the Biennale di Diseño (Madrid), the International Design Biennial (Sao Paulo) and International Salone di Milano (Milan).

Reached expressive results

Best Sellers



Nano Vacuum Cleaner (+ 1.000.000 units/year +), ODI iron (+ 1.000.000 units/year +), Creative Line (market leader in Europe since launched in 2012).

Silent Blender (blender with no noise), Neptune Water Purifier (glass sensor), Plasma (silent fan panel), Phoebus Dry Iron (30% cheaper).

Electrolux: Innovation Program implementation, packaging and prototypes cost reduction process (plus than U$1.000.000 year), Product Cost Reduction Plan (USD 2 to 3 per unit FOB), Global VBL Implementation for SDA, suppliers development in Europe and Asia.
Midea: Global and Local VBL implementation, Design and Research Method Implementation, Chinese supplier's development.
Bay Cinnamon: Export process development. Product value increase (from USD3 to USD40), Loading capacity increase (35%)


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