Phoebus Dry Iron . Electrolux


The Phoebus is a premium Dry Iron offers ironing excellence with its superior diffusion in a stylish, compact and lightweight design. Based on user-centered design process, the innovation came from the user insights, witch makes the Phoebus iron an intuitive product, improving the superior perceived quality, valuing the product aesthetics. With a strong ‘green’ focus and cost reduction in this model, Electrolux have utilized 99% recycled paper in the packaging, 15% recycled plastics, and a 30% saving in water and energy consumption during the production process when compared with other iron models. The safety features, precision soleplate and thoughtful ergonomics in the Phoebus result in a premium dry iron iron with a distinctive and desirable design. Ironing becomes effortless as the Phoebus Dry Iron cares for the clothes that you love.


Design in collaboration with Electrolux ICD Stockholm, Sweden, 2012.