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Creating value through design

What do leading brands have in common? They recognize the power of strategic design to communicate their values and forge connections. A product is a brand, materialized. Once you have gained entry into someone's world, the product is what persuades people to let them stick around and multiply. In this scenario, a brand DNA is a top strategic tool, which allow differentiate from its competitors, anticipates desires, and speaks a persuasive form language. During this process, we have 3 stages to burrows deep into a human's heart:












01. Mapping & Understanding
immersion and deep research (inside company, consumer, competitors, trends, others)

conceptual experience

deliverable: M&U report  |  benchmark  |  trend mapping  |  concept & opportunities mapping


02. Setting Strategic Directions


identity and satellites

product language (VBL)

deliverable: brand book  |  visual identity book  |  consumer experience analysis  |   VBL book


03. Design Development and Management

design process

innovation process

management tools

product deliverable: product design   |   product report . prototypes  |  3D surfaces  |  Specs and Docs

communication deliverable: product images  |  packaging  |  IFU manuals  |  merchandising materials

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